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Jun 17 /

Sweet, Sweet Summer: Cherries, Berries, and Sugar-snap peas

The official start to summer may still be a week away, but the unmistakable heaviness in the air, soaring temperatures, and subtle slowing of our rapidly paced day-to-day make one thing clear: DC summer is here to play.

While our summers here are fairly notorious, they are also a time of such abundance– and of abundant sweetness! The end of the strawberry season is fading into the beginning of cherries, cherries, and more cherries from Three Springs Fruit Farm and Tuckey’s Mountain Grown, with the occasional blueberry thrown in. Not to mention, of course, sweet, crunchy snap peas from Musachio Produce, magnificent rainbow chard from Truffula Seed Produce, refreshing lettuces and greens, fantastically flavorful basil, cilantro, dill, and sage, and the list goes on…
Plus, as always, we’ll have pupusas and elote loco, “crazy corn” on the cob from Jireh Restaurant, and delicious Guatemalan, Mexican, and European baked goods from Chapina and Cazuela bakeries. This week, try the sweet breads from Chapina (at 50 cents each, you can’t go wrong) and Cazuela’s churros, if you haven’t yet!

So join us tomorrow from 3-7 to celebrate summer, community, and the 4th season of the Crossroads Farmer Market! The Takoma Park Library will be offering kids games and activities, and a surprise musician will get things shaking for the third week of our Summer Concert Series.

Also, if you haven’t already, please VOTE now for your favorite farmers market– Crossroads, of course– in the American Farmland Trust’s annual contest. We placed 4th last year. And we need your help to do it again!

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